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The free Trial version of Narralizer has all features enabled with no time limit. The only limitation is the number of cases, sub-cases, categories, text segments and text sources that can be used in the study.

 Limitation in detail:
1 case
3 sub-cases
50 codes
100 data segments
20 data sources

Before you can download the Trial version, we ask that you provide your name and a valid email address, as the link for the download will be mailed to you.

Please fill out the following form:

If you wish to use the full version of Narralizer with no any restriction:Just order the unlimited software with registration code and use them to continue your work without any limitations.

We shall send to your e-mail above a link to the software, plus installation instructions and the user guide.

Some e-mail address have problem in receiving “heavy” software. In case you would not received the Trial version please contact us.

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